WHy Emily?

"Our children's education has been politicized and our community polarized this past year. Our kids deserve to have a school board united to make students a priority and I am a bridge builder who can do that."

Take Action On Your Ballot!



This Election Day

April 6th, 2021


          Emily Donohue is a loving wife to husband Matt, caring mother to her 3 children, and active member in the community. As a parent with children currently in the district, she has experienced first-hand the challenges our children have faced this past year. Emily's dedication and commitment to the Elmbrook School District can be seen in her passion to make a positive impact in the community. 

  • BS Psychology Bellarmine University

  • Co-Chair, Elmbrook Connect

  • Member, Elmbrook Education Foundation

  • Liason, BEHS PTO

  • Fundraising Coordinator, BEHS Girl's Soccer

  • Volunteer, Casa DeGracia & Just One More Ministry

  • Parish Member, St. Mary's Visitation


  1. Transparent School Board agenda

  2. Respectful use of taxpayer dollars

  3. Improve reading and math proficiency

  4. Ensure curriculum does not compromise individual family beliefs

  5. Listen to and vote on behalf of Elmbrook parents

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